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About the Gym

Our focus at Ninja Street is to create a healthy training environment for all skill levels and ages. Our main training regimens revolve around Ninja Warrior obstacles, but really, our gym is just a huge playground for kids and adults. Our gym was designed to be like a second home for all of our customers. So whether you exercise every day or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, we want Ninja Street to be your second home. Call us today!
About Ninja Street Gym


Calle Alexander

Calle Alexander ‘Street Beast’​

  • Calle has been featured on American Ninja Warrior in 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Finished 3rd in the 2018 ANW Miami qualifier
  • Finished 10th in the nation in the 2019 NNL standings as the leading competitor from FL
Favorite Obstacle
  • Cliffhangers and any flying type obstacles.
  • My goal with Ninja Street is to help others reach their desired health goals and inspire my students to do more of what they love.
Tim Luna-Pizarro

Tim Luna-Pizarro


  • Varsity wrestler for 3 years
  • Varsity football 2 years
  • Varsity track & field 1 year
Favorite Obstacle
  • EVERYTHING! (& Pegboards)
  • To put a smile on anyone’s face that passes through our gym. From learning new obstacles, to having a bad training day. I strive to always keep my ninja’s heads high (thats my nindo)

Ninja Street Team Athletes

Ronald Washington


Leo Castro


Tiago Lima